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Who are we?

Set Sail, a story of boat lovers at the service of amateur yachtsmen

Boat owners, we know the troubles, obligations and sacrifice you have to go through to briefly enjoy your boat. You’re finally free :

• Buying a sailboat or a motorboat, new or secondhand always hides surprises.

• The disorganization harbour placements

• The constant maintenance to do or to plan with professionals, when you live far away from your boat.

• The surprises you get, which are generally bad, when you can finally go sailing but your pieces of your boat are not working properly. And need replacement before your departure.

Bateau day boat
All these considerations led us develop range of services for boat owners to fully enjoy their boat.

Our wish is also to give the opportunity to amateurs to enjoy sailboats and motorboats rentals with the same promise of an outstanding experience. We have several large boats in the French Riviera and we also have equipment that will be useful to all your sailing adventures to discover Marseille, Nice and Corsica.